I need a danish numer to login

First steps – Skat.dk

We recommend that you call the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen) on (+45) 72 22 27 80 once you have moved to Denmark and registered with the Danish National …

This page is your access to skat.dk

When you arrive – Lifeindenmark.dk

You therefore need an EU residence document before you can register an address and receive a Danish CPR number. Residence in Denmark according to EU regulations …

Request NemID

You don’t need to be a Danish citizen to obtain NemID, but you need to have a CPR number and valid ID. There are several ways to request NemID:.

CPR number – City of Copenhagen

CPR number | International.kk.dk

All residents in Denmark need to have a CPR number. You need it to open a bank account, access your health insurance, borrow books from the library, …

Everyone who lives in Denmark is required to have a civil registration number called a CPR number.

Non-citizens in Denmark – Help universe – MitID

Non-citizens in Denmark – Help universe – Help – MitID

If you have a Danish CPR number and NemID, you can get MitID here at MitID.dk by logging on with NemID. You can also get MitID by scanning your passport/ …

MitID support – Help

MitID support – Help – MitID

Remember valid documentation; Answer a number of questions about yourself (based on the danish CPR-register) or bring a witnesser, who can confirm your identity …

Help logging in to Part 2 of a digital application – nyidanmark

New to Denmark

Remember to state the applications reference number in the description. Print. Send link. Last updated 23-06-2020 – Published by: The Danish Immigration …

frequently asked questions – New to Denmark

New to Denmark

25. apr. 2022 — The Danish Immigration Service and SIRI is currently increasing the number of megabytes (MB) you can attach from 10 MB to 50 MB. It will appear …

Welcome to your User Profile in the Danish eID-gateway

Welcome to your User Profile in the Danish eID-gateway – User Profile

You only need to request this connection once. What is in it for you? By connecting your eID to your CPR-number, your future cross-border electronic …

You need a Danish bank account if you work in Denmark

12. dec. 2022 — Tell your bank that the account you are opening is for your salary and will be a NemKonto. Digital login to netbank and Danish authorities – …

Get your Danish salary into a Danish account. It should be a NemKonto. Start a bank account as soon as you get a job in Denmark

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